Singer/Songwriter Joja Jules, born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, had an early opportunity to study under Prince at his Paisley Park studios in Minneapolis in the mid 80’s. She met him in Rotterdam, where she organised an after party for his concert, and soon after she was organising them all over Europe. While working for Prince she met George Clinton, who was impressed with Joja's skills. Eventually she became his tour manager in Europe for a while, which turned into a life long friendship. In that time she had gotten close with Miko Weaver, who was Prince’ lead guitarist. Always in the right place at the right time, she met Eddie Murphy in a club in Amsterdam in the mid 90’s, and after advising him to hire Miko for his music endeavors she was asked to come work with him and Miko in his home studio in New Jersey, where she also became close with Larry & Tina Graham. Eddie was working on his music career in that period and was always interested in her opinion. During her time with Prince, Joja also met Rosie Gaines(NPG), for whom she started writing songs for in the 1990’s. After going back and forth from the Netherlands and the States, she eventually moved to London, where she met bassist/producer & singer Paul “Tubbs” Williams (Incognito, Light of the World, Robbie Williams, Spice Girls, Kylie Minogue, etc.), who became her mentor, friend & lover. With Paul she started working on her repertoire, with plans of releasing an album. While working on these songs she and Paul, along with her brother, songwriter & DJ Francis Jules (Prince, Patty La Belle, Rosie Gaines, etc.) started a high-end recording facility in the former Heineken office building in Rotterdam(Crooswijk), Liquidspillers productions. At the time it was the only recording studio in the Netherlands with an AMS Neve 88RS analog mixing console (96 channels).The idea was to create an inspiring environment for artists and musicians, where they could have healthy and delicious meals, produced by a professional chef, where they could retreat to write and have the space to work out all there idea’s. Sadly Paul passed away in 2007 and the Liquidspillers studio went downhill from there. Since then, Joja’s been singing less, but has found peace within her writing. Her “ups & downs” lifestyle and all the emotions that come with that, have given her the ammunition she needed.  She’s been writing songs about love, songs about peace, songs about growth, song about now.

Published work:

Rosie Gaines (UK), lyrics: Just A Moment Away, Mamma Soul, Sun Moon, Take A Chance, Sudden Moves, Sun Moon (Remix) from the album, Welcome to My World (2006)

K-Klass (UK), backing vocals: Hanging (On The Edge Of The World), Living, Surviving from the album, K2 (1998) & Smile (KKlass remix for Sister Sledge)

Replay (NL), lyrics: Drie harten in het nauw, Als het dan niet kan zoals het moet, from the album, Schaakmat (2000)